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Hi my name is Heather I have been making my own cards for about 5yrs now mainly for family and friends but have since progressed into taking orders. I have 2 grown up children both left home now I love watching create and craft for inspiration I also make my own jewellery and bag charms and knit albeit not very well lol I am willing to give almost anything a try x even though ive been on here for a couple of years now im still not very good at the technical stuff so if things disappear dont be surprised lol x

27 April 2011

learning .......

well I found out how to add pictures and have managed to sort out the layout for now at least so thats a start xgoing to go and make some more cards now not done much today x

26 April 2011

well found some more blogs about card making with challenges so decided to have a go at a couple of them not sure im up to the standard of the other entries tho



25 April 2011


not sure if this is going to be right but will have a go lol
well when I tested link it worked so hope all is ok the first 7 are for saras easter comp I got carried away lol and the rest are for others x

22 April 2011


well this is the first time ive done this so you will have to bear with me as I have no idea what im doing lol