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Hi my name is Heather I have been making my own cards for about 5yrs now mainly for family and friends but have since progressed into taking orders. I have 2 grown up children both left home now I love watching create and craft for inspiration I also make my own jewellery and bag charms and knit albeit not very well lol I am willing to give almost anything a try x even though ive been on here for a couple of years now im still not very good at the technical stuff so if things disappear dont be surprised lol x

27 December 2013

for a change

 decided to have a change of craft and go back to knitting as I havent done any for so long now im thinking for my friends 3yr old twins if past attempts are anything to go back I might finish them in time for their birthday in August lol
so far this is what I have done tonite
its from Jean Greenhowes Mascot dolls book and im quite pleased how much ive done lol but my hands are sore now and im shattered so going to go to bed and carry on tomorrow x

25 December 2013


well the break didnt last long lol tv is poo so decided to blog instead

made this using my new boards its the only one I can upload pics of lol as the others have been given with out pics taken lol this is for my good friend Claire (who I made the advent calender in a previous post for)
I really like these boards and will have to try to get the cd that goes with them as I didnt ask for that lol between these and the Fabulous Giftware cds I shouldnt have any problems with gift boxes for any occasion now xxx

24 December 2013

taking a break

going to take a break now for christmas finished all my last bits off craft wise today at least I hope I have lol x
Think I managed to do all I needed to if not then tough lol
I got my new sweet treats boards for xmas off my son and made a few boxes with them to put laszt minute gifts in and will upload some pics when I get chance of the ones I can take pics of x Some have already been given and I forgot to take pics lol
Anyway best wishes to all have a great Christmas and New Year xxx

11 December 2013


well im getting better at this blogging lark as im posting more often lol but what im wondering is if any one is even reading my ramblings lol no one comments or should I say rarely comments so maybe im the only one who knows ive even posted lol
I have been playing some more with the fabulous giftware cds and have used the cracker box template to make a cracker lol will post pics when I take some tom IF I manage to finish the birthday card im trying to do x
right off to bed now or wont get up for work in morning x

08 December 2013

well not done much crafting lol as friday and saturday I babysat for my friends adorable 3 yr old twins Alfie and Hannah but did do some embossing and gilding today.
a good friend bought me some heart shaped decorations for my birthday and ive been trying to decide how to decorate them also I got some heart shapes and coasters from Event City  earlier in the year so decided today was the day to get them done.
I think I might put some pictures on the coasters and then clear embossing powder on top to protect them they look a bit plain as they are.

and here is the reason I havent done much crafting since thursday lol

04 December 2013


Been busy today adapting a template off Fabulous Giftware by Katy Sue designs.
The box is fab but wasnt the right size for what I wanted and I thought maybe it could be made bigger so decided to try and I managed to enlarge it x
the original is the patterned one (6 sided)
the larger one is 8 sided and I used A3 card to make it

I have filled it with her xmas present of a lovely bright pink pig all in one hat/scarf/gloves as she loves Peppa Pig x

03 December 2013

advent calender

Now it is safely in her hands I can share photos of the (crafters companion) advent calender I made for a very special friend I used Sara Davies pattern but decorated with Tatty Ted instead of The Snowman (Claire would have still have loved it as the Snowman but prefers Tatty)
She loved it and it made her smile even though she had had a terrible day x

each little drawer has some sweeties in and the big box on top has extras in x
I was really pleased with the way it turned out and will be making more xxx