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Hi my name is Heather I have been making my own cards for about 5yrs now mainly for family and friends but have since progressed into taking orders. I have 2 grown up children both left home now I love watching create and craft for inspiration I also make my own jewellery and bag charms and knit albeit not very well lol I am willing to give almost anything a try x even though ive been on here for a couple of years now im still not very good at the technical stuff so if things disappear dont be surprised lol x

27 August 2013


Hello all
I have just been having a look around and seem to have lost a lot of my blogs and as I have had a new hard drive I cant find who im missing and my memory is appalling right now so if I follow your blog and you are not on my list can you please message me with your blog address and I will add you again :) and even if im not already following you I will look if you want to add me lol :D

26 August 2013


Well I have been having a look around and reading blogs this morning and found this  http://pinkylisasinkycrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/my-blog-candy-giveaway.html
its fab candy and I would love to win lol l x

Yay managed to do a link and a picture .....its all coming back to me now x


Well its been a long time since ive been on here partly down to no internet access and more recently a very slow laptop that died on me and ended up having to have a new hard drive (thank goodness for insurance or I would have not been able to have repaired).
Unfortunately im still not working and its getting me down now as its over 12 months with no signs of anything :(
I have been trying different crafts and now make my own jewellry and recently took up glass painting (albeit on acetate and any other medium I can find lol) so far I have painted glass, acetate, paper, and glue roses (hot glue gun+silicon mould)
As my laptop has new hard drive I am having to redo all my bookmarks which is taking a while as I cant remember them all lol x
Anyway fingers crossed I will be on here more often now and once I get my camera and mobile synced with laptop again and find my adapters to upload pics I will be able to put pics of my newish hobbies on here x