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Hi my name is Heather I have been making my own cards for about 5yrs now mainly for family and friends but have since progressed into taking orders. I have 2 grown up children both left home now I love watching create and craft for inspiration I also make my own jewellery and bag charms and knit albeit not very well lol I am willing to give almost anything a try x even though ive been on here for a couple of years now im still not very good at the technical stuff so if things disappear dont be surprised lol x

01 September 2014

had a fab time at Sheila Halliwell's demo on saturday as always :) will be going to another this sunday but this time with new stuff and then week after its event city (tickets were cheap with woucher lol) going with Den and Brenda so busy busy busy lol x
only problem is I wont have much in the way of spending pennies at event city but im sure I will manage lol x
right off to finish an order or its not going to get posted in time x

27 August 2014


well my "baby" is 25 today makes me feel old lol x
His girlfriend took him out for the day to Cheshire oaks and the Doubletree at the hilton in chester and to a spa. when I saw him tonight poor love just wanted to sleep after the best massage he ever had lol glad he had a good day.
looking forward to saturday when I get to see Sheila demo at Sophies crafts always a good day with Sheila. I will be taking her birthday card as well a bit late as it was on monday. Going to miss my craft club for a couple of weeks as well as seetec jobsearch have decided im to go in twice a week again tues and thurs :(
anyway time for bed I think
must try to keep up to date on here now I have unlimited broadband for 12 months lol x

16 August 2014

High Legh

have had a fabulous day at High Legh Garden Centre with the fab Joey Burdett from docrafts. much laughter was had due to the two naughty boys who shall remain nameless we also all made crackers with the new cracker die which was great fun.
Not sure much crafting was done over all but had a great time anyway and met some lovely people as always at demos us crafters are a lovely bunch x
right off to make some tea and then im going to play with my new goodies x only a few bits today not many pennies but I got the xcut quilting embossing folder some anitas glossy accents and some lovely 12x12 double sided paper.

13 August 2014

well online at last

well after being offline for a month or so now im back at last. still not completely right but can at least get online. Had sky fitted asnd what a nightmare getting broadband running still not got a wireless connection on my laptop works fine on my mobile but cant get it to work at all on laptop unless cable connected and dongle tv man left wont work on vista go figure too tired and fed up to ring tonite so will try tomorrow.
at least its unlijmitd for 12months so shouldnt have a problem staying online now lol
anywy off to bed now  as im babysitting tomorrow so need my sleep lol

12 July 2014

Summer Crafting

What a fabulous day today
very hot and sweaty at Doncaster today sun was cracking the flags with a vengeance lol
I met up with some old friends and made some new ones and got some lovely crafty stuff to add to my stash lol once ive recovered will post piccies but right now im off to bed lol

10 July 2014

Hannahs Invites

Phew they been to pick them up tonite and she loved them and so did mum thank goodness. I am so glad about that as I was worried mum might not have seen them the same way I did even though she saw a rough draft before I made the actual invites.
At least now I have a little spending money for Doncaster lol x

08 July 2014


Im really looking forward to Saturday as im off to Summer Crafting with 2 good friends went for first time last year because I was lucky enough to win tickets off facebook and loved it.
This year im going to get to meet the lovely Phill Martin with a bit of luck lol as he is there all weekend as is Nigel May as well as some good friends like Kay Rutter and Aly's Inkyfingers x Hopefullyu im gonna get some good bargains as well xxx

05 July 2014

no laptop :(

well had no laptop and desktop is poorly so thats my excuse for not blogging recently
I have finished my dads clown for his birthday just! good job too as its on Monday. will upload pictures tom if I get chance as im babysitting so depending on what time I get home may even be  sometime on Monday after been to dads.
Got several birthdays/ann this month including my own lol so got lots to do and off to Doncaster on Sat for Summer Crafting so not enough hours at the moment :)
anyway off to bed now had a long day xxx

08 June 2014

well ive been busy making birthday invites lol and some cards as well the knitting is progressing but im gonna have to really get a move on with it or its not gonna be finished in time x

been running around after the twins again today so not done much but am in middle of trying some new boxes that I can use for gifts hopefully x

18 May 2014

running around after 3yr old twins lol

Well not been so good at keeping updated have I lol

Today I have been babysitting my friends 3yr old twins which as you can imagine isnt easy lol but we played in the garden and I got a bit of sun which turne dout to be a bit more than I thought when I got home and saw the colour of me :) they were fine they had factor 50 on topped up at regular intervals all time they were outside and hats etc

have been making christmas cards  this last couple of weeks as I usually end up on last minute and do a lot for charity so trying to keep in front this year x

I have 18th birthday cards to do for twins (the older set to the ones I babysit) for friday but am all out of ideas at the moment Jake should be fairly easy as he is into guitars and rock music so thats not too bad but his sister Heather is a different matter. Its all big birthdays in their house this year as mum and dad are both 40 this year xxx

right im off to bed I think all this activity today and the sun has worn me out lol x

08 April 2014

Well I finally managed to get a little crafting done just some bits but made a change from trying to sort out all my craft stash and find it a home lol hope you like what ive done

 2 baby cribs in 2 sizes and 2 pop up box cards


been playing a bit with air drying clay as you can see from the baby in the crib lol love these box cafrds and im definately making some more x anyway off to play some more now x

27 March 2014

craft room

well I now have a craft room so hope my son doesnt decide he is coming home any time soon lol
Its taken a while but at last all my craft stash is in it and what a task that was lol I didnt realise just how much stash I have.  I have found stuff I had forgotten about and stuff I thought I had got rid of :)

Now its all in there I just have to sort it all out properly and get some shelves and proper storage sorted got drawers a bookcase and a set of shelves from work but need some on the walls for things like ribbons and gems/embellishments. Im using biscuit tins and takeaway plastic tubs lol.

still needs work lol but this is what I used to use

my kitchen/dining room now looks so huge compared to how it used to be lol

need to decorate now lol and finish it off x

22 February 2014

great day

well had a fab day today with some good friends Claire, Carol, and Michelle @Mediacityuk in the audience for a new quiz show with Andi Peters called Ejector seat  should look fab on tv it was great in studio x
not done much crafting this week as been shifting more furniture so my son can pick stuff up and then can get on with turning spare room into my craft room its a slow process but got half done x
my dads clown is coming along nicely almost finished knitting the body now about 20 rows to go x

14 February 2014


Sorry was awol again credit ran out so couldnt get online however im now topped up so will ba bale to post again at least for next 2-3 weeks lol
right now im knitting one of the fab Jean Greenhowe clowns im doing mr wonderful for my dads 80th birthday in july
The twins loved their fireman and ballerina and I got lovely kisses and cuddles off them both so im hoping my dad will like his clown.
right off to finish off the furniture removing x
my son has now got his own place with his girlfriend and I will soon have my craft room lol but before I can finish the craft room all his stuff needs to go......  so bed needed taking apart and at some point the mattress needs to go out to get shut of as its no good. He asked me to see if I could find the curtains he needs and in doing that ive found loads of his clothes still here as well as bedding lol x

21 January 2014


well Im addicted to these cards lol cant stop making them heres some more

bottom 2 are actually same card but not sure about roses (they not stuck down yet) gonna maybe do some pale yellow or white see how they look

20 January 2014

I am addicted to making starburst/sunburst cards at the moment and when not making them im knitting lol as you can see I have finished Hannahs ballerina to go with Alfies fireman in a previous post. I am starting to sew my santa tonite and as I found lots of free knitting patterns online im going to be able to use up some of the wool I found in cupboard upstairs lol as you can see below I have a few balls to go at .

19 January 2014

finished Alfies fireman tonight ballerina is next x His mum has seen pic and says he will love it so all is good x also tried a new card technique yesterday with help from the ladies @card making tips group on FB
what do you think lol

16 January 2014


Well  im back online as been paid lol so topped up dongle today
It seems knitting has taken over for now lol. I have almost finished 3 mascot dolls apart from sewing up and stuffing them anyway. 2 are for my friends twins and the other was just because I had plenty of red and white so decided to do Santa lol when all are finished I will post pics
I did make some birthday cards for some friends and do have 1 more to make for the end of the month and made some quick cards at my craft club last week. We were provided with a topper and a card and had to finish with papers embellishments etc any papers we needed if not in our stash box we could pick from the shop and the club would pay for at end of session so that was funhere are the pics

wish I knew how to rotate the pictures and put them next to each other so they take up less room they dont do justice to the glitter but I have tried to show it also I used sparkly chalk brushed lightly over top and glossy accents on the gorjuss girls eyes and ribbons hope you like them