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Hi my name is Heather I have been making my own cards for about 5yrs now mainly for family and friends but have since progressed into taking orders. I have 2 grown up children both left home now I love watching create and craft for inspiration I also make my own jewellery and bag charms and knit albeit not very well lol I am willing to give almost anything a try x even though ive been on here for a couple of years now im still not very good at the technical stuff so if things disappear dont be surprised lol x

27 December 2013

for a change

 decided to have a change of craft and go back to knitting as I havent done any for so long now im thinking for my friends 3yr old twins if past attempts are anything to go back I might finish them in time for their birthday in August lol
so far this is what I have done tonite
its from Jean Greenhowes Mascot dolls book and im quite pleased how much ive done lol but my hands are sore now and im shattered so going to go to bed and carry on tomorrow x

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